Moritz Systems (R)

Our EU-based team of professionals has completed and successfully deployed a number of projects for demanding customers.


We offer a wide range of IT services. Moritz Systems work with experts on Code Security, Embedded Solutions, IOT, Edge Computing and Quality Assurance audits.

Edge Computing

We are leading experts on NetBSD®, a permissively licensed Open Source BSD-derived UNIX-like Operating System distribution with incredible quality, performance and portability. NetBSD® offers your business a wide range of possibilities, from large-scale servers and powerful desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices. NetBSD® is actively used in embedded devices, IOT and Edge Computing.

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NetBSD® is a registered trademark of the NetBSD Foundation, Inc


We offer training for teams and individuals. Our featured courses focus on writing secure code and auditing third party software.

Training Turtle

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“Labyrinth Labs is an EU-based company from Slovakia with multiregional reach. […] We recommend Moritz Systems Technology Company Sp. z o.o. and the team behind it as it is dedicated and experienced in NetBSD development with a successful track record of Open Source contributions.”

Adam Hamsik, CEO at Labyrinth Labs

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