Kernel Security

Kernel ASLR, Kernel Sanitizers (KASAN, KMSAN, KUBSAN, KCSAN), CPU Bugs Mitigation (Meltdown, Spectre, etc), Network Stack Hardening, Software and Hardware Assisted Virtualization, Device Driver Fuzzers.

Code Quality

Userland Toolchain Sanitizers (Address Sanitizer, Leak Sanitizer, Memory Sanitizer, Thread Sanitizer). Hardened Allocators. Stack Hardening. Expertise in modern security-oriented and coverage-aided fuzzers for kernels, libraries and applications.

Embedded Solutions

Permissively licensed (non-GPL) Open-Source Software Stack, Software and Hardware Assisted Virtualization, Data Plane Libraries for fast Packet Processing, Rump Kernel Solutions, Containers, Performance Tuning. Expertise in cross-toolchain environment.

Building quality solutions is our passion.

Open-Source contributions of our team are successfully deployed in virtually every mainstream Operating System in the world.


Assuring confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Compliance with the standards, Test-Driven-Development, Static and Dynamic software verification.


Good architectural and coding practices, appropriate selection of algorithms and expertise in performance analysis tools.


Building modular, understandable, easy to update, testable and reusable code.

Imagination turns to innovation.